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Nitro Golf continues to be a leader and innovator in the golf industry. With our new informational website, you will get a look at our great Recycled and New ball offers that are taking the industry by storm. Please make sure you visit often, as new products are being introduced all the time and our list of retailers is growing quickly.

The golf industry has changed 180 degrees over the last 10 years and Nitro is committed to helping the golf world get back to the popularity it once had. There are many factors that have contributed to this change, so we have decided to make sure all golfers enjoy their experience and are not out of money after the round.

Our products are fun to play with, very reasonably priced and perform better than others in this category. We have tested our products at a well known industry lab and the results were phenomenal. The people who played them in the tests and hit them on the range could not believe the value we presented in our New Ball options. These results have shown retailers around the world that you do not have to be priced so high in order to get results on the course.

The New Ball philosophy carries over to what we do in the Recycled Ball category. Our processes of recycling, rather than refurbishing continue to show golfers our commitment to keeping prices low for golf balls they have become loyal to. Unfortunately, a lab can not help us prove this fact, but we feel the recycled balls that come out of our factory are cleaner and in the best condition, compared to our competitors. We have grades of balls that will fit any price point a retailer needs to offer, so please make sure you ask for Nitro or Tour Two when shopping for golf balls.

Along with Nitro, our parent company owns Express Promotions and MukLuk’s and we have added a link for Express Promotions along the top of the home page. Express offers every promotional product you can think of and works with multi national corporations as well as local sports teams in providing great items that fit within a budget. We do drop ship orders as well as inventory programs, so send us an email or give us a call to see how we can help.

Thank you very much for looking at our site and we look forward to providing you with great golf products that won’t break the bank and will perform for you on the course.

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