To whom it may concern at Nitro,

Hello, just wanted to drop a line about a new ball I just experimented with – the Pulsar!

I decided to test the Pulsar against a ProV1.  My credentials: I am 64 years currently a 6 hdcp, and have been as low as a +2 after college, playing for 57 years.  To my surprise the Nitro playability was phenomenal, and actually played better than a ProV1 in a majority of categories.

1st distance – they both played similar, off the driver and all irons, and similar trajectory off the short irons – Driver M1, irons M2’s

2nd chipping – very soft feel, softer than the Pro V1

3rd chipping spin rate – on chipping I feel the Pro V1 had a better bite action, but as I increased the distance away from the green the Pulsar got better, and at 50 yards the same as the Pro V1

4th putting – the Pulsar blew the Pro V1 away here, incredibly soft off the putter – absolutely great feel – Putter used – Bettinardi Kuchar Long

5th color – this cover on the Pulsar is brilliant white very easy to see and follow, Pro V1 has a tendency to discolor to a cream/white

6th cover – the finish is not the norm, it is not a clear urethane finish like many, it is a flat white – but a very  brilliant optic white, it has a tendency to show the grass stain easier than the urethane, but that is because the white is so bright!

7th cost – he said he can purchase these below $20 per dozen, which is pretty amazing for this quality of ball.

PS. The Pulsar beat the ProV1 by 2 stokes that evening for 9 holes, now I just need to know where I can buy them.

Frank in southern Florida aka a Happy Person

Nitro team:

I wanted to let you know how awesome the new Pulsar ball is!  I have tried every golf ball that has come out over the years…. This gave me everything I was looking for in a great golf ball at virtually ½ the price!  Way to go Nitro!!

BillPalm Beach FL