Recycled Golf Balls

NITRO GOLF has a state of the art golf ball recycling facility in Stuart, Florida, where we hand sort, clean and package golf balls by brand, model and condition. Our cleaning processes have evolved over time and we feel that you will get the cleanest, brightest ball in the industry.

Recycling is what we do best, as it keeps the brand and model of the ball consistent throughout the process. Nitro does not remove the paint or coating, which always changes the manufacturers specifications of that certain ball. When buying a recycled ball from Nitro, you always get the brand you are loyal to.

Price is always a determining factor when it comes to choosing the right ball, so if you do not play with our NEW Golf Ball products, be sure to choose the brand you like from our recycled line. Prices are at least 50% lower than new balls on the shelves and many times you will get a ball that has been played for less than 9 holes and is in amazing condition.

Look for our TOUR TWO or NITRO packaging on the store shelves or contact us for the retailer nearest you.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.