Spalding SD Tour X

Spalding SD Tour X

The Spalding SD TOUR X 3-piece urethane golf ball is designed for accuracy, high speed, long distance, and control. The SD TOUR X ball’s all-new 344 dimple design features 80% coverage by large, shallow dimples to lower drag force for penetrating ball flight. Micro-dimples cover the remaining 20% for backspin control and flight stability.

The new SD TOUR X 3-piece urethan golf ball delivers an extremely initial velocity with backspin control off the drive. The powerful high-intensity center core, combined with the enhanced mantle layer, delivers long distance performance in the irons. Tour-level blend TPU cover employs enhanced electrostatic ion TPU coating technology to deliver consistent performance and a lofty backspin off wedges. Conforms to USGA rules.

Power Core

  • Super soft & highly resilient core results in low spin & high speed for longer shots
  • High ball speed for enhanced distance
  • Consistent spin & feel for both long & short shots

Tour-Level Blend TPU Cover

  • Tour-Level, extra-soft cover. Highly responsive around the green. Long-lasting durability

344 Dimple Design

  • Consistent & accurate distance control. Low drag force for penetrating ball flight